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Thing #1's Charity Run

Running is something I've always enjoyed doing, I mean not while I am actually doing it because I usually feel like I want to die. But the feeling after is amazing. I've tried to convince Thing #1 to run with me a few times in the past and he's definitely not a fan. He would much rather be in the Dojo practising his latest Jiu-Jitsu throws.

A few months ago we were talking about a little boy who had passed away. This kid sounds like he did some amazing things, including raising money for charity. Sam said he would like to do the same!

We spent hours looking through different charities and what they do/how they help people. Tonnes of research later, he set his heart on Mind - Rochdale. The school he goes to spend a lot of time talking about mental health/mindfulness. It's something we talk about openly (and age-appropriately) at home. So he has a good understanding of how important the work they do is.

Now bearing in mind I said before he's never been a fan of running, I was surprised that he wanted to push himself and do this as his "challenge". I'm impressed as it's way out of his normal comfort zone of being on a bike or in a swimming pool. 10k isn't the furthest distance, but it's not an easy feat when you haven't run before.

So here we are, running when we can between isolation periods/work/school and everything else in-between. We had a wobbly start with a few runs that he just wasn't feeling it with. But he's pushed through and is doing well. We have yet to set a firm date as training keeps getting put on hold. But we're aiming for late August.

He's raised £116 so far! He gets super excited when he sees any new donation which gives him a bigger push to keep training. Here's hoping the summer holidays give us more time to get some more miles covered!

Sam's fundraising page

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Always busy, usually late.