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Random Present Day

I feel like all the posts I have done so far have been a bit doom and gloom. I don’t want everyone thinking that is all our life is. It is far from it. Recently life has been more complex and harder for us to deal with. There is a whole heap of reasons for that but you don’t need to hear them all. Or, maybe I should I say I don’t have it in me to go into them all right now.

I wanted to touch on a lighter subject. Something that you might have picked up on through my Facebook page, but if not here it is.

Random present day.

I smile so much when I think of this day; I couldn’t even tell you what date it is.  Yet the Geek knows and so far he has remembered every year for a long time. I noticed on Facebook once that he’d bought me a gift (small, we’re not talking diamonds here) two years in a row. It has continued from there. I am not even sure how it all started.

I can tell you the rough date - I know it is close to our wedding anniversary, for which we usually exchange gifts anyway. This is always different. I have never bought him return gifts, it would be weird to. Like I was stealing his special date somehow.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are days all through the year that we give each other small gifts. Usually random and will be more a packet of biscuits or something small. We have a habit of picking up something for the other "because we thought they would like it". I can imagine most marriages are like that though.

This is usually a bigger gift. It ranges massively. I have received colouring books, a pink kettle bell, books, a whole heap of randomness. There isn’t a rhyme or reason for it, it’s always a just because. I couldn’t tell you how big of a cheese it puts on my face.

The even more amazing thing is now the boys have picked up on it. They have started to ask if they can buy small treats for each of us. Their current favourite thing to aim for is flowers for me, chocolate nibbles for the Geek. The look on their faces when we agree is amazing, they are so happy to be doing something nice.

I love that, to them, flowers are simply a ‘thank you’ or an ’I love you’, not an ‘I’m sorry’. That is definitely a quality I want to keep in them.

I will add in here it is not all about gifts. There is a few other little things we do to say our I love you’s.

Thing #1 has taken to sneaking a teddy into the Geek’s suitcase when he knows he is heading away. If you work with him, check his bag next time he’s away, it’ll be there.

Thing #2 obviously doesn’t quite get it all yet but he is now calling us his “best friends”.

This may sound silly to some people but the Geek understands when I just need a hug. That even feels odd typing it. But if I add that he is not a hugger, he doesn’t deal well with it. Unless he’s had a drink, then it is a different story. He understands me more than anyone does and knows exactly when it’s needed and when to back off.

Me, I don’t even know.

Do you know what, all of the small things like this make my heart burst.

I can’t lie and say we’re perfect, we’re not. There is a lot of things we don’t have balanced or together. But these boys, love them, I do.

Jo x

Jo Blyth

Jo Blyth

Wife of a geek, mum of boys, part-time worker, runner (even done a marathon).

Always busy, usually late.