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Always busy, usually late.

Me and Orson having cuddles

Growing up too quickly

I know it's been a while since I posted in here. I never feel like I have anything interesting to say really 不 Plus I am just hopeless, anyone who has ever waited on a reply to a text from me will know this.

Today's tough. I've already shouted and grumped at Thing #1 & Thing #2 as they've been arguing so much. They've also managed to break a glass between them through messing.

I want to be the calm, fun mum. I really do.

It's just really bloody hard. Today brings haircuts and uniform tweaks and ironing and packing of school bags and everything that comes before school starts.

And all I want to do is hide under a duvet.

Truth be told, I'm not sure I'm ready. Thing #2 starts reception tomorrow Thing #1 goes into year 5 and it's just all going way too quickly.

I'm currently hiding in the kitchen sobbing over a brew while they are distracted. They've already seen me cry a few times this week, with Thing #1 being very concerned I may have fallen out with my best friend as I couldn't quite explain it to him.

I just need time to slow down a little. I need to calm down a little. I need to enjoy the times when Thing #2 jumps on my knee snuggles in and calls me his Princess. Or when Thing #1 asks for that extra hug even though he's had a hundred already today.

Anyone know how to stop time?

I know I'm rambling a little, just wanted to get it out x

A pic of my Prince #2 just for good measure x

Jo Blyth

Jo Blyth

Wife of a geek, mum of boys, part-time worker, runner (even done a marathon).

Always busy, usually late.